Interior and Exterior still photographs

Still photographs, full set of interior and exterior

  • Up to 2000 sq. ft. finished space – $150
  • 2001 to 2800 sq. ft. finished space – $175
  • 2801 t0 3600 sq. ft. finished space – $200
  • $50 for each additional increment of 800 sq. ft. over 3600

Full set of still photographs include entire interior and exterior of the property, formatted to the specifications of your MLS hosting service (default spec is for BRIGHT MLS, used by Sussex County realtors). I can produce any other format on request, price to be negotiated based on estimated work effort.

Every finished room is included, with multiple views of larger areas; unfinished areas (attics, basements, garages) and ordinary closets are not included except by request. Depending on the number of rooms and their size and placement, about 30 to 40 photographs are typically delivered to the customer.

For locations beyond a 1 hour round trip from Milton (as measured by Google Maps), I add a travel surcharge of $25 per additional hour or fraction thereof.  For the duration of gasoline prices above $3.25/gallon, I will add a fuel surcharge of $15 per trip for round trips lasting greater than 1 hour from Milton.

Pricing for the following will be negotiated case by case:

Commercial properties;

Community (development) shoots with or without amenities (clubhouse, pool, etc) .

All images are digital and delivered via DropBox or Google Drive, or a transfer site of your choice to which you can provide me access, typically within 48 hours of completion of the shoot. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Drone (aerial) photography

I provide high resolution aerial still photographs for residential and commercial property listings, and for towns and communities, subject to FAA regulations (Dover and surrounding areas are no-fly zones because of the Dover Air Force Base).

Residential properties (10 to 12 still photographs): $100 if included with interior/exterior work order; otherwise $150.

Commercial properties: pricing based on size of property and other requirements.

Communities: $125 for up to 15 still photographs of community streets, clubhouse/pool, on-property golf course, adjacent waterways.

All images are digital and delivered to the transfer site of your choice within 48 hours of completion of the shoot. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.